March 2010

A project, named ONE to MANY is started. It will involve a couple of sculptures in glass as well as in concrete

February 2010

Ann is invited to the VERRIALES 2010 in Biot, opening May 5th 2010 The VERRIALES theme is POLYCHROMY. Ann will show LUCIFER and LILL LUCIFER. Both sculptures are catching up light, transform it into the colours of a rainbow and project them on other objects.

December 2009

Opening of the exhibition LIVE the 9th of Mai 2010 at the Museum Kulturforum Burgkloster zu Lübeck, Ann’s native town. For this special occasion the book Ann Wolff LIVE will be published. The same exhibition will travel to Israel to be shown at the Litvak Gallery in October 2010.

November 2009

Sculptures in progress On Line and Miles. Ann received the Flint Institute of Art Award for STEP OUT. This sculpture with positiv and negative figuration is as well including an interpretation of space and time

October 2009

The Royal House in Jordan ordered a kiln casted sculpture of limited edition. Ann was inspired by the Jerash Capitals ornaments which she rendered in her personal way. 4 sculptures each 25 kgs left Kyllaj in the beginning of November.

August 2009

ANN WOLFF – WORK IN PROGRESS – Susanne Reumschüssel and Dorothée Nilsson are making a new documentary film about Ann Wolff, ready in May 2010. The aim is to document important steps in the implementation of the artistic process in her work. It shows Ann in her studios on Gotland and in Berlin, reflecting about her work, her inspirations and the thematic connections between her drawings and her sculptures.

May 2009

Lost Blues is done in a large version, 120cm high and in two parts for the upcoming exhibition LIVE.

March 2009

As well a new sculpture based on negative and positive figuration is ready to leave the studio. Looking for the Pool.

February 2009

Ann received the Smithonian Renwick Award for her Sepia III sculpture. The Sepia Series are based on her drawings Behind the Mask. The old classical drawings by Rembrandt, Goya, Michelangelo are often made with Sepia fish ink. She dedicates her work to the old masters by naming some of her sculptures after their drawing material.

January 2009

Ann is planning to make a large sculpture which will be based on her experiences with Andante and Step Out. She has already started to prepare a medium sized model.